GolfAds™ strategic intent is to solidify our position as the leading golf media owner in South Africa, across a wide spectrum of media propositions.
We have a number of new, highly effective and innovative media platforms that will benefit all stakeholders and excite the golfing community.

We aim to be recognised as the most progressive and dynamic specialist in golf course advertising whilst growing partnerships with clients and principals.

Advertisers come to us because they want to engage:

• A captive audience
• Consisting of high net worth individuals
• In a relaxed and receptive state of mind
• In a clutter free environment

Through our innovative, functional product portfolio we reach:

• 180 Golf courses nationwide
• Audience of 500,000 + per month
GolfAds™ offer the golf courses and the advertiser a wide range of opportunities across the various golfing mediums – keeping the cost to the golf course at a minimum, but maximizes incredible value-add.

Grouping various mediums we offer advertisers ‘cross media’ packages that include discounted rates.

Our products perform a key function at golf courses and in many instances we upgrade existing services, as well as initiating projects like floating islands.
Golf Ads™ prides itself on its service levels and the relationship it has established with golf courses on a national basis over the last 15 years.

It is imperative to GolfAds™ to offer effective course advertising, without being offensively commercial or detracting from the courses’ natural beauty, whilst also aiming to add value to the golfing experience.

Our advertising mediums are beautifully designed and customized to fit their surroundings. These mediums are unique and strategically placed for maximum exposure and provide a welcome service to golfers.

Impact, unique mediums, with long dwell times