This three-sided billboard is strategically placed on each hole, near the tee-box area and houses a golf ball washer.
Golfers spend on average 4 minutes per tee box.


Traditional Clocks

Large double-sided advertising decals are placed below our traditional clocks. A functional and  interactive medium to ensure that tee off times are adhered to. Golfers spend up to 10 minutes before a round in the vicinity of the clocks on practice putting greens and near the 1st and 10th tees


Mini Billboards

Mini Billboards Exclusive advertising rights secured in sought-after golf courses and golf estate developments. Placed at entrances and exits to clubs. High dwell time where golfers are either driving slowly or walking to and from their vehicles.



Golf TV™ is the first digital place – based television network broadcasting relevant content and advertising to the golfing community at golf clubs nationally

Content  is specifically designed to be relevant for golfers with a view to both engage, inform and entertain, this includes news, sports news, finance, golf news and golf related inserts such as tips, travel, shopping and club specific content for local club news, events and weather forecasts.

Reaching an audience of 112,000 per month



We offer a wide range of activation solutions across golf courses nationally. These are tailored to take into account the brand message and environment. We offer in-house creative solutions and our national operations infrastructure ensures top quality execution. Activations adds a unique ‘face to face’ experiential extension to the brand campaign and engages the golfing community in a personal manner.


Impact, unique mediums, with long dwell times