Golf TV™ augments audience for Brands

Category: Golf Ads

Golf TV™ is in full swing and brands that have teed off with the channel are reaping the rewards. Vodacom, Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush and Turkish Airlines are all benefitting from the unique exposure offered by Golf TV™.

The television platform broadcasts content that is relevant to golfers and includes financial, sport and golf specific news, and the content is interspersed with commercials. The channel engages golfers at 90 of South Africa’s top golf clubs, making it ideal for touting luxury, leisure, sports, alcohol and technology brands as well as products and services.

Golf TV™ is offered by Golf Ads™ – a golf media specialist company with an innovative, solutions-driven approach. Golf Ads™ offers a comprehensive range of advertising formats for reaching an upper LSM audience at 175 golf courses nationwide. The company offers high quality and diversified digital and static advertising and branding solutions as well as activations opportunities within the golf course environment.

For more information on how your brand can benefit from exposure on Golf TV™, contact Peter KohlÖffel on 0861 776 826 or or go to

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