Golf Ads Hits the Spot with Integrated Campaign for Capitec

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Golf Ads proposed a strong combination of multiple products and tailored messaging to recently roll out a highly engaging and effective golf course media campaign for Capitec Bank that ticked all the right boxes.

The bank was looking to engage a specific, targeted, upper income audience at South Africa’s golf courses for its new credit card offering, and Golf Ads was able to execute on the brief for a two-month period in September and October.

The roll-out involved Capitec branding and messaging on Golf Ads’ ball washers, traditional clocks, and mini-billboards at selected high-profile, targeted courses across South Africa, integrated with a national, high rotation digital campaign on Golf TV.

“The integration was the key and what set this campaign apart from others,” says Golf Ads Director Johan Scholtz. “There was also a clever use of relevant, golf-specific copy across the various touchpoints that ensured the campaign ‘spoke’ the language of the target audience.”

That copy was in the form of phrases such as “no ifs, ands or putts” and “hit the sweet spot”, which both make use of golf terminology.

In this way, the Capitec campaign used not only impactful creative to attract and communicate with the target audience in question – the golfers – but also used effective copy in a very defined and relevant manner.

This approach highlights the ability of Out of Home to effectively engage consumers through highly targeted campaign placement in the form of innovative and integrated creative executions.  

It’s also an example of how Golf Ads is able to create solutions for brands to strategically target and engage upper income consumers in an uncluttered golf environment.

By adopting this creative and integrated approach, Golf Ads was able to reinforce the Capitec campaign messaging via multiple touchpoints in high dwell-time zones, as well as engaging targeted audiences and others in high traffic locations when arriving at and leaving the golf course.

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