Powerful Advertising Mediums
80 Golf Courses with a monthly audience of 475 000+ Golfers.

Golf TV™

Golf TV™ is the first digital place – based television network broadcasting relevant content and advertising to the golfing community at golf clubs nationally.

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Mini Billboards

Mini Billboards Exclusive advertising rights secured in sought-after golf courses and golf estate developments.

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Traditional Clocks

Large double-sided advertising decals are placed below our traditional clocks.

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This three-sided billboard is strategically placed on each hole, near the tee-box area and houses a golf ball washer.

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Pro Clocks

Pro Clocks are situated on the 1st and 10th tee's, adjacent to key hole information

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Golf Lites

Golf Lites are placed at entrances and exits to clubs in the parking area.

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Bar Ads

Exclusive Branding in Bar and Entertainment Areas

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We offer a wide range of activation solutions across golf courses nationally. These are tailored to take into account the brand message and environment.

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