Golf Trio is a set of 3, high-definition digital screens placed within the food and beverage environment of a golf club.

They are strategically placed to offer brands the exclusive opportunity to be seen in the highest dwell-time location within a golf club.

These screens are present in selected golf courses that are in affluent areas across the 3 key main metros in South Africa.

Why this medium works:

  • Target the right audience at the right place
  • Amplifying Campaigns
  • Pure Ads
  • Brand Awareness & Recall


Brands Provide Meaning, Services Provide Utility.

A Brand Service combines the two approaches to create a useful service add-on that communicates the benefits of the brand.

This is what our new charging stations offer:

The Brand: advertising opportunity on the digital screen of the charging station

The Service: the ability to charge mobile phones and devices

Why Charging Stations?


The charging stations allow for a brand to have complete ownership of the content that is on the screens, it can be changed as and when is needed and your brand gets 100% of the exposure.


Golfers are a niche yet incredibly valuable audience to communicate with, having a digital platform allows for brands to create hyper-targeted messaging and content that resonates directly with the golfer profile. Positioning of the units are also strategically placed in high dwell time areas in at the clubs including bars, half way houses and reception areas.

Agile Messaging

The benefit of digital advertising is having the ability to change messaging and execution promptly and easily. Messaging can also be tailored to particular times of the day or days of the week to resonate with varying mindsets or purpose of them being at the club.

Opportunity to brand golf carts on some of SA’s premier golf courses.

Reach a targeted audience through effective yet unobtrusive branding on the sides, front and roof of the golf carts.

Why Golf Cart Branding?

High Dwell Time

An average round of golf takes around 4.5 – 5 HOURS to complete and most golf courses have the option to take a cart for the duration of the game.

Brand Equity

By fully wrapping a cart with your branding, you are able to spend these hours generating BRAND AWARENESS as well as BRAND EQUITY with a niche, HIGH INCOME DECISION MAKER.

Moving Billboard

Not only is your brand seen by the golfer driving the cart, but also by other players around course. The more carts you brand, the BIGGER THE EFFECT and the more opportunity to DOMINATE THE SPACE.

Golf Ads™ have secured the exclusive rights to place advertising in a number of hospitality/entertainment zones at certain clubs.

These Bars Ads™ are strategically placed in bar area’s and offer and offer illuminated permanent branding for liquor and lifestyle brands, ensuring exceptional exposure.

*Golf Ads™ can also assist with distribution and tailored activation campaigns for brands that utilise our Bar Ads™ and opportunities.

Why This Works:

The Golf Ads™ audience is sophisticated consumers of premium liquor and luxury brands and thus Bar Ads™ offers advertisers a unique and exclusive opportunity.

  • Exclusive Branding in Bar and Entertainment Areas
  • Illuminated in Key locations
  • High dwell time zone : 60+ mins
  • Monthly Audience : 116,000+
  • National Reach : 30+ Clubs
  • Frequented by: members, their families as well as general public
  • 75% of golfers socialize at the club after a game.
  • 44% affirm that the bar is essential to their golfing experience.
  • 73% of golfers are beer drinkers.
  • 64% golfers are whiskey drinkers.
  • 74% of golfers are wine drinkers

Golf Lites are placed at entrances and exits to clubs in the parking area. High dwell time where visitors to the golf club are either driving slowly or walking to and from their vehicles

These double sided internally illuminated billboards ensure extended brand expose in low lighting conditions
Golf Lites are available at selected clubs nationally

Why this medium works:

  • Strategically placed, offers high visibility and brand impact
  • Ground clearance ensures brand visibility from a driving and walking position
  • Illuminated with LED high efficiency lights

Pro Clocks are situated on the 1st and 10th tee’s, adjacent to key hole information.

Golfers spend an extra 3-5 minutes teeing off these holes as the are the starts to the front and back 9’s.

These double sided billboards offer invaluable brand expose in this uncluttered environment.

Why this medium works:

  • One of the only on course advertising opportunity
  • Highly visible
  • Exclusive advertising
  • Delivers high recall and brand awareness

We offer a wide range of activation solutions across golf courses nationally. These are tailored to take into account the brand message and environment. We offer in-house creative solutions and our national operations infrastructure ensures top quality execution.

Activations adds a unique ‘face to face’ experiential extension to the brand campaign and engages the golfing community in a personal manner.

National reach and execution ability to a highly affluent & economically active community

Key activation zones:

  • Clubhouse:
    Club House : Main Bar, Highway House, Locker Room
  • On Course:
    Pro-Shop, Putting green/ Driving range / Short Holes (par 3)
  • Other
    Parking Lot

Why this medium works:

  • Detailed one-on-one product insights through face-to-face engagement.
  • Physical engagement with the brand through sampling or trail.
  • Experiential brand opportunities.
  • Detailed consumer feedback.
  • Opportunity to engage with consumers in their relaxed state-of-mind.

Golf TV™ is a live high definition digital TV network placed in multiple locations throughout 60 golf clubs nationally

Multiple HD screens are placed in various high dwell areas throughout these clubs which guarantees maximum viewing and exposure

Golf TVTM offers both content and advertising – content segments include news, business news, weather, golf and lifestyle. We also flight localised golf club information such as club events and upcoming competitions and events

Golfers spend a minimum of 30 minutes in each zone and our content and advertising is therefore flighted in 30 minute loop cycles

  • Reach:
    373,548 viewers per month
  • Digital allows multiple creative executions to be used with no media production cost
  • Flexibility:
    National and regional packages are available

Why this medium works:

  • National and targeted reach options.
  • Multiple executions can be facilitated.
  • Network operates from 5am to 9pm.
  • High recall medium.
  • Located in areas with high dwell time.

Golf Ads™ Mini Billboards are placed at entrances and exits to clubs in the parking area.

High dwell time where golfers are either driving slowly or walking to and from their vehicles

Mini Billboards therefore reach the entire golf club audience and simply cannot be missed.

50 Mini Billboards are available at selected clubs nationally.

Why this medium works:

  • Strategically placed, offers high visibility and brand impact across the entire visitor profile.
  • Creative can be rotated throughout the golf clubs.
  • Placed at eye level for maximum viewability.

Golf Ads™ traditional clocks are placed at key locations at golf clubs such as practice greens, driving ranges, 1st and 10th tee boxes.

A large double-sided advertising decals which is placed below the clocks

A functional and interactive medium to ensure that tee off times are adhered to. Golfers spend up to 10 minutes before a round in the vicinity of the clocks on practice putting greens and near the 1st and 10th tees.

Time is incredibly important to golfers as time keeping forms a key part of golf etiquette.

Why this medium works:

  • Highly visible
  • Frequently viewed
  • Exclusive advertising
  • Delivers high recall and brand awareness

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