We offer a wide range of activation solutions across golf courses nationally. These are tailored to take into account the brand message and environment. We offer in-house creative solutions and our national operations infrastructure ensures top quality execution.

Activations adds a unique ‘face to face’ experiential extension to the brand campaign and engages the golfing community in a personal manner.

National reach and execution ability to a highly affluent & economically active community

Key activation zones:

  • Clubhouse:
    Club House : Main Bar, Highway House, Locker Room
  • On Course:
    Pro-Shop, Putting green/ Driving range / Short Holes (par 3)
  • Other
    Parking Lot

Why this medium works:

  • Detailed one-on-one product insights through face-to-face engagement.
  • Physical engagement with the brand through sampling or trail.
  • Experiential brand opportunities.
  • Detailed consumer feedback.
  • Opportunity to engage with consumers in their relaxed state-of-mind.

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