Sonar allows for campaigns delivered within the golf  space to further AMPLIFY REACH using location-powered MOOH

By GEO-FENCING GOLF COURSES, we drive additional awareness and engagement across the various locations, as well as  retargeting users who have been in these locations, via their mobile device

Based on the brief, we can build CUSTOM AUDIENCE SEGMENTS using multiple location-enhanced data points, to effectively amplify specific sites/locations

Why Sonar?

Reach Amplifier

Sonar serves as a reach amplifier to our already existing Golf TV Digital Place Based Network. A golfer who has seen your ad on Golf TV can then retarget advertising messages through mobile platforms and encourage action.

Pillars of Success

  • Make use of audience intelligence and location
  • Multiple signal qualifications – make use of 9 signals to guarantee location
  • Custom engagement units i.e. Tap2Web, Tap2Form, Tap2Map
  • Full funnel post campaign reporting

Audience Analysis

Build audiences based on existing location data any additional data required  e.g. An LSM 8-10 male between 25-45 who has been within 500m of a golf course in the last 90 days.



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