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In order to target an upper income audience, has commissioned Golf Ads™ to implement a nationwide campaign across various formats within the golfing environment. Ball washers, traditional clocks, digital clocks and mini billboards have been branded in order to reach the targeted audience in an environment that allows for excellent brand assimilation.

The success enjoyed by the brand through its exposure on the Golf Ads™ platforms was cemented when, after an initial 6-month period, renewed and extended the contract for a further 13 months. Golf course advertising provides the ideal environment for luxury brands seeking to communicate their brand benefits to a consumer segment that is certain to be receptive to their messaging.

Golf Ads™ brings a high income, well-educated, discerning audience to advertisers; an audience that is captive, frequent and open to messaging. With media rights to the top golf courses across South Africa, Golf Ads™ provides brands with the opportunity to target and engage with more than 500 000 golfers every month.

Golf Ads™ offers a comprehensive range of advertising formats for reaching an upper LSM audience. For more information contact Simon Turck at or go to

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