Bar Ads

Golf Ads™ have secured the exclusive rights to place advertising in a number of hospitality/entertainment zones at certain clubs.

These Bars Ads™ are strategically placed in bar area’s and offer and offer illuminated permanent branding for liquor and lifestyle brands, ensuring exceptional exposure.

*Golf Ads™ can also assist with distribution and tailored activation campaigns for brands that utilise our Bar Ads™ and opportunities.

Why This Works:

The Golf Ads™ audience is sophisticated consumers of premium liquor and luxury brands and thus Bar Ads™ offers advertisers a unique and exclusive opportunity.

  • Exclusive Branding in Bar and Entertainment Areas
  • Illuminated in Key locations
  • High dwell time zone : 60+ mins
  • Monthly Audience : 116,000+
  • National Reach : 30+ Clubs
  • Frequented by: members, their families as well as general public
  • 75% of golfers socialize at the club after a game.
  • 44% affirm that the bar is essential to their golfing experience.
  • 73% of golfers are beer drinkers.
  • 64% golfers are whiskey drinkers.
  • 74% of golfers are wine drinkers

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