Golf TV

Golf TV™ is a live high definition digital TV network placed in multiple locations throughout 60 golf clubs nationally

Multiple HD screens are placed in various high dwell areas throughout these clubs which guarantees maximum viewing and exposure

Golf TVTM offers both content and advertising – content segments include news, business news, weather, golf and lifestyle. We also flight localised golf club information such as club events and upcoming competitions and events

Golfers spend a minimum of 30 minutes in each zone and our content and advertising is therefore flighted in 30 minute loop cycles

  • Reach:
    373,548 viewers per month
  • Digital allows multiple creative executions to be used with no media production cost
  • Flexibility:
    National and regional packages are available

Why this medium works:

  • National and targeted reach options.
  • Multiple executions can be facilitated.
  • Network operates from 5am to 9pm.
  • High recall medium.
  • Located in areas with high dwell time.

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