Golf Ads launches Tag Heuer’s Connected 45

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There’s no doubt that the golfing environment provides unique marketing opportunities for brands. Golf Ads™ provides an audience of 500 000 consumers who are captive, focused on their game and unhurried. This is one of the myriad reasons that Tag Heuer commissioned the golf media specialist company to implement a launch campaign for the Connected 45 on various golf courses nationwide. The campaign proved so successful that it was renewed for another 12 months.

TAG Connected 45 Golf

Johan Scholtz of Golf Ads™ explains that for luxury brands, the golf course offers an ideal environment. “Golfers spend hours socializing or playing a game – they are relaxed, they’re having fun and they are open to advertising messaging, especially if it is relevant to them as is the case with Tag Heuer’s smart watch.”

Golf Ads™ provides unique OOH opportunities for engaging with high net-worth individuals. For more information on how Golf Ads™ can take your brand directly to this audience contact Johan Scholtz on 0861 776 826 or go to

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