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Category: Golf Ads has recently renewed its contract with golf media specialist – Golf Ads. The return on investment that the brand experiences through its Golf Ads campaigns has proved to be extremely successful, and the brand will continue to reap the rewards from advertising in the golf environment for another six months.

The messaging is simple, clever and directs consumers to the website. The national, multiple-golf course campaign ensures that the brand is visible on select traditional clocks, golf ball washers and on Golf TV™ – Golf Ads™ exclusive, national television channel that flights on screens in clubhouses as well as the on-cart navigation system. is a long-established client of Golf Ads™. The brand continues to enjoy success from our marketing solutions within the golf environment as the media formats ensure that the messaging is assimilated effectively by this highly-desirable and captive audience,” explains Peter KohlÖffel of Golf Ads™.

“With Golf TV™ flighting to an audience of 500 000 ever month and the high frequency of golfers and their families who spend hours each week in this environment, Golf Ads™ presents a very attractive and advantageous marketing environment,” continues KohlÖffel.

Brands wanting to engage with affluent, sports-loving, financially fit, discerning, tech-savvy audiences with an affinity to luxury brands will find what they are looking for through Golf Ads™ and Golf TVTM.  For more information, contact Peter KohlÖffel on 0861 776 826 or or go to and follow @ProvantageSA

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