Golfers and luxury brands: a match made on the golf course

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Understanding what golfers want is the best way for brands to reach this highly desirable target market. Golf Ads™ Director Johan Scholtz reveals who plays golf in South Africa today, and how best to engage with these high-income individuals.

The golf course is still one of the best and safest places for South Africans to relax and enjoy leisure time or make business deals outside the boardroom. Golf is a vital part of a well-designed work wellness package, too, which appeals to the fitness-conscious. Little wonder, then, that advertisers are lining up to engage with the affluent professionals and decisions-makers golfing every day on one of South Africa’s 450 or more golf courses.

With around 138 000 golfers playing 10 000 rounds of golf a day, a ready-made target market exists for brands that understand what these individuals want. But who exactly are they, and how can your brand reach them?

Golfer profiles

By and large, golf courses are populated by committed golfers as well as those with a fairly average game who enjoy the natural setting and collegial vibe of the club house. Most are male and fall within the 25-39 age range, although most individual golfers are over 50. They tend to be well educated, holding a tertiary qualification, and are most often found in managerial positions in the workplace.

The majority of these golfers are home owners, with 42% looking to move house – they are mainly part of dual-income families or cohabitate. There are around 130 000 such well-off adults on the courses, with their households earning R40 000 or more a month (5% of the population is in this income bracket). A high percentage of these individuals have said they are keen to buy a car within the next year or so. They report feeling better off than they were two years ago and are happy to use credit, provided this is done responsibly.

Knowing the profile of these golfers will likely aid brands in terms of how to get their message across – not forgetting that their families and friends can also be found on the golf course.

Harnessing the massive reach of OOH

Most brands should know by now that out-of-home (OOH) advertising is a no-brainer. A recent Peter J. Solomon (PJSC) study, conducted in 2017, confirmed the massive reach of OOH: according to the study, which gauged advertising recall across various channels, OOH achieved the highest recall rate of all, between 40 and 67%. It is therefore a highly effective medium for brands – and golf courses provide the perfect backdrop for both printed and digital OOH advertisements.

Golfers are actively engaged with their environment and spend a significant portion of their waking hours at the club, particularly in long dwell-time zones like the club house (Golf TV™ is broadcast within 65 of South Africa’s top golf clubs).

The opportunity to engage with high-income earners – the target market of luxury brands – is one that should not be missed. Poster billboards alone are extremely effective in the OOH media landscape. Nielsen’s 2017 Poster Advertising Study indicates that 50% of poster viewers are highly engaged with the ads and the number of posters used directly affects overall ad recall for a campaign. More than 50% of people surveyed said poster ads stand out ahead of those seen in newspapers, online, on mobile devices or over the radio.

In addition, 47-82% of people engaging with digital OOH remember an advertisement, whether aided or unaided, according to the Peter J. Solomon study.

There is a good ‘match’ between golfers and their families, who are on the lookout for new property developments, cars and luxury goods, and high-end brands that want to reach their target market with maximal efficiency. The golf course and surrounds command these individuals’ undivided attention – something difficult to achieve in busier locations.

As the fastest-growing traditional media channel, OOH is uniquely placed to reach consumers willing to invest in major assets, particularly those with high leisure spend. It therefore makes sense for brands to include golfers in particular, but also their families and friends, as part of their strategic marketing intent.

More about Golf Ads™

In terms of both ROI and ROE, brands can reap the benefits of the out of home platforms available from Golf Ads™. We create solutions for brands to strategically target and engage the upper income consumers congregating regularly within the aesthetically appealing, uncluttered golf environment. Few locations are able to attract captive audiences open to relevant advertising that speaks their language – and with more than 475 000 highly desirable consumers to target, brands should see the wisdom of directing part of their marketing spend to this unique sporting environment. 

For more information on how your brand can benefit from exposure on the golf course, contact Golf Ads™ on 0861 776 826 or go to our contact page.

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