Charging Stations

Brands Provide Meaning, Services Provide Utility.

A Brand Service combines the two approaches to create a useful service add-on that communicates the benefits of the brand.

This is what our new charging stations offer:

The Brand: advertising opportunity on the digital screen of the charging station

The Service: the ability to charge mobile phones and devices

Why Charging Stations?


The charging stations allow for a brand to have complete ownership of the content that is on the screens, it can be changed as and when is needed and your brand gets 100% of the exposure.


Golfers are a niche yet incredibly valuable audience to communicate with, having a digital platform allows for brands to create hyper-targeted messaging and content that resonates directly with the golfer profile. Positioning of the units are also strategically placed in high dwell time areas in at the clubs including bars, half way houses and reception areas.

Agile Messaging

The benefit of digital advertising is having the ability to change messaging and execution promptly and easily. Messaging can also be tailored to particular times of the day or days of the week to resonate with varying mindsets or purpose of them being at the club.

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