Golf Cart Branding

Opportunity to brand golf carts on some of SA’s premier golf courses.

Reach a targeted audience through effective yet unobtrusive branding on the sides, front and roof of the golf carts.

Why Golf Cart Branding?

High Dwell Time

An average round of golf takes around 4.5 – 5 HOURS to complete and most golf courses have the option to take a cart for the duration of the game.

Brand Equity

By fully wrapping a cart with your branding, you are able to spend these hours generating BRAND AWARENESS as well as BRAND EQUITY with a niche, HIGH INCOME DECISION MAKER.

Moving Billboard

Not only is your brand seen by the golfer driving the cart, but also by other players around course. The more carts you brand, the BIGGER THE EFFECT and the more opportunity to DOMINATE THE SPACE.

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